Our monthly meetings are held at:
Bodacious BBQ
1206 East Division St.
Arlington, TX 76011

We'll plan on starting the introductions right at 6:30pm,
as we have an
8:00pm deadline
by which we have to be all wrapped up and out of there.

Invite a friend, go thru serving line for
great Bar-B-Q & cold drinks / beer,
pay, eat anytime you arrive
(even up to and during the meeting).

Please make a special effort to attend
and show support for the Aero Club!

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A reminder that we video record all lectures
and make DVD copies available for only $20.00 per copy.

If you would like to purchase a lecture DVD, please notify our videographer Mr. Don Pyeatt by phone or email with your request and you can receive your disc during the next meeting.

If you would like to purchase a DVD of a past meeting, we will soon publish a list of available videos on our website.

Contact Mr. Pyeatt by e-mail at
or call him at 817.576.3008.

C-130E 64-1681 in flight, gear up

Our Next Meeting will be:
August 2nd
at 6:30PM

Lt. Col. John Cottam, USAF (Retired)
presentation on
Operation Provide Transition
Mark your calendars!
and remember this is a NEW MEETING PLACE!
Bodacious BBQ
1206 East Division St.
Arlington, TX 76011

C-130E 64-502 from Ramstein AB Germany

Retired Lt Col. John Cottam, USAF will share his stories as the On Scene Commander for Operation Provide Transition, which ran from 12 August - 9 October, 1992. 

This operation was initiated to support democratic elections in the country of Angola.   Lt. Col. Cottam will also try to summarize the Angolan Civil War, and also share the logistics needed to safely complete this operation, along with explaining what made Angola important enough to send U. S. military support so far away.

He will also share a story of evading a Mig jet fighter that was trying to shoot his C-130 down.