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September 2nd, 2021
at 7:00PM

Paul Metz
The Star Spangled Banner
Through the Eyes of a Military Man

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Fort McHenry Flag on display at the Smithsonian

By 1812, the Americans had enough of British harassment and declared war on Britain. The British monarchy, in turn, was determined to teach the American revolutionaries a lesson. The United States had reduced its standing navy and army immediately after the Revolutionary War. Our country was in no position to resist the highly disciplined British navy and army. Invasion of the United States occurred on August 24,1814 when a British fleet landed 5000 British soldiers who marched into the nation’s capitol. The capitol building and the White House were sacked and burned. The English army then turned its attention north to Baltimore, Maryland, a major American seaport. The land and sea invasion at Baltimore began on September 13th, 3 weeks after the destruction of the Capitol. The story of the Star Spangled Banner begins here.

This talk examines the military aspects of the
attack on Baltimore and specifically Ft. McHenry. It looks at the details of the weaponry and tactics and relates them to the lyrics from a military point of view, revealing the battle from “ramparts” to “rockets”. It places the Star Spangled Banner in its little-known historical context. The Anthem paints an image of the events as they unfolded. Most importantly it asks an eternal question that Francis Scott Key posed to us and subsequent generations 207 years ago. Be sure not to miss this.
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Painting Depicting the Fort McHenry Bombardment

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Aerial view of Ft. McHenry

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