The Lone Star Aero Club has a new meeting place
Thursday October 4th.

The Aero Club will be meeting at:
Golden Corral Buffet
465 East Interstate 20

(off N. Access Road west of S. Collins and east of S. Center)
Arlington, TX

Golden Corral has a meeting room, we will pay as we enter $13.99 (age 60 & above $13.19 senior rate - note: cold drinks $2.79), diners can select their buffet food and carry food to our meeting room.

westbound on Interstate 20 passing Hwy 360 interchange and exit at S. Collins, stay on access past S. Collins and take right turn for Golden Corral Buffet parking lot.

eastbound on Interstate 20 pass Matlock and S. Center exits and at exit at S. Collins - then turn left for the 180 degree turn over I-20 to proceed west on access road and turn right into Golden Corral Buffet parking lot.

See Map

A reminder that we video record all lectures
and make DVD copies available for only $20.00 per copy.

If you would like to purchase a lecture DVD, please notify our videographer Mr. Don Pyeatt by phone or email with your request and you can receive your disc during the next meeting.

If you would like to purchase a DVD of a past meeting, we will soon publish a list of available videos on our website.

Contact Mr. Pyeatt by e-mail at
or call him at 817.576.3008.

North American XB-70 Retired At U.S. Airforce Museum

Our Next Meeting will be:
October 4th
at 6:30PM

Ted Black
presentation on
North American XB-70 Valkyrie
High Altitude Bomber

Mark your calendars!
and remember this is a NEW MEETING PLACE!

Golden Corral Buffett
465 East Interstate 20
Arlington, TX

North American XB-70 Records:
Speed Mach 3.08 Alt. 74,000ft

Ted Black of Lone Star Aero Club Fame will bring a program on one of his favorite aviation subjects, the North American XB-70 Valkyrie Supersonic High Altitude Bomber.

Ted has enjoyed several direct contacts with the XB-70 dating from the late 1950s to as recently as the summer of 2017. His love affair with this engineering marvel continues today!

XB-70 set many world records during it’s illustrious flying career (Sept. 21, 1964 thru Feb. 4, 1969)!

The surviving
XB-70A -1 S/N 20001 is definitely worth the visit to the National Museum of The United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio (in the newly opened Hangar 4).

Bring a friend to enjoy this program and the buffet at the Aero Club’s
new meeting place at the:

Golden Corral Grill
465 East Interstate 20
Arlington, Tx 76018