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April 1st, 2021
at 7:00PM

Jim Hirsch
Air Tractor AT-802U

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Jim Hirsch, President and CEO of Air Tractor, Inc., is our presenter for the month of April. After being born in Bryan, Texas on 30 August 1959 and having some intervening experiences, he started and ran a small business specializing in industrial equipment sales and service from 1981 to 1986.

Earning a
B.S. in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University by 1991 paved the way for him to join Air Tractor as a project engineer in 1992, and his significant projects and responsibilities included design and certification lead. He became an FAA structural and electrical Designated Engineering Representative (DER) in 1999, was promoted to vice president of engineering in 2003, and was appointed president of the company in February 2011.

Current and former memberships include the
National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA), National Agricultural Association Research and Education Foundation, Texas A&M University Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), General Aviation Manufacturers Association board member, and Southwest ESOP Association board member/officer. Jim has also been given the 2001 NAAA Related Industry Award and Falcon Award.

Jim holds private pilot, SEL instrument, and A&P mechanic licenses and enjoys flying, hunting, boating, and racing.

The topic for this month’s presentation is the
Air Tractor AT-802U, the militarized version that includes armor for the engine and cockpit and structural reinforcement for the additional weapons payload.
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