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March 4th, 2021
at 7:00PM

Toby Daniels
Warbird Stories and Crop Dusting

Toby was born in 1958; at age 7, while watching a crop duster spraying fields in North Dakota, Toby and his older brother both said to each other, "That's what I want to do when I grow up." He earned his Private Pilot's license in 1976, and a few years later, his A&P mechanic license with IA rating. True to his word at age 7, he started his own crop dusting business in 1980, and during the off season, got started in rebuilding Grumman Ag-Cat wrecks, including finding Ag-Cat S/N 1, which is very close to a complete rebuild.

In 1988, while attending the
Reno Air Races, he started buying up P-51 parts, beginning with wheels, brakes and other landing gear parts. It took Toby almost 18 years to complete his P-51 Mustang, buying parts here and there, over the years. His P-51 was successfully test flown by Bob Odegaard, in 2006; Toby has been longtime friends with the Odegaard
family. Toby is a
Charter Member and Director of the Fargo, ND Air Museum, and he'll share some warbird stories and crop dusting (now referred to as Aerial Applications) stories.

Toby's two best friends, Gerry Beck and Bob Odegaard, helped the most in rebuilding
Boomer, Toby's P-51D. Sadly, Gerry was flying his P-51A model when at the 2007 EAA Airshow, he was involved in a fatal landing accident. A scant 5 years later, Bob Odegaard, who had rebuilt two Super Corsairs with P&W R-4360 engines, was killed while flying one of his Super Corsairs during a practice session for an airshow. Toby's also a very strong supporter of our country’s military veterans, even giving rides to them on occasion.
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